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pad-actu-webcam.jpg - Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, Alsace, France
Sitting 757 metres above the Alsace plain, the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle has all the necessary assets for a fortress. Its strategic position, quite easy to defend in former times, now provides visitors with an exceptional panoramic view over the Alsace plain, the Vosges Mountains, the Black Forest and even -on a clear day- the Alps.
However, take the decision to cross the drawbridge and you will be able to explore the castle's fully-fitted and furnished living quarters and discover its collections of medieval weapons. Then climb to the top of the grand bastion...
Take a tour of this exceptional site.
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pad-actu-webcam.jpg - Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, Alsace, France


Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg
Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg 67600 Orschwiller