• Adapted workshop "Defending a castle"

Adapted workshop "Defending a castle"

 - Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, Alsace, France

Tour description

Why was this site chosen? How was the castle built? Who worked on the site? What tools did they use? How was the defence of this type of castle organized?
Following the traces of construction and defence systems, they find the answers to these questions within the castle. Groups of people with intellectual disabilities learn about medieval construction techniques, using models and reproductions of lifting systems, defence machinery, etc..

Hours of departure are defined during the reservation.

Visitor categories

  • mentally handicapped visitors (groups),Mentally handicapped visitors (groups),



Opening times

to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday et Friday at 09h30 et 13h30
to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday et Friday at 09h30 et 13h30

The castle is open all year round except 1 January, 1 May, and 25 December.


Those workshops are not proposed in case of too many visitors.


Entrance fee + supplement:

  • 2 €/pers. + 40 €/workshop

Practical information

Duration: 2h

Up to 30 people per tour

Age or level of understanding: 5-18

Guided tour


Special event





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 - Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, Alsace, France

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